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Keith completed instruction in Crime Scene Technology and Evidence Collection at the Sirche Finger Print Laboratories, Law Enforcement Training Center, Youngsville, NC..

Rosenthal Forensics

Comparison Microscope for episcopic examination of opaque or translucent evidence

Coaxial Illumination Microscope for opaque evidence photography up to 400X

360 Degree Panorama Photography of Crime Scene

Keith teaches astronomy and uses his powerful astronomy software to calculate the effects of the sun and moon's lighting at crime scenes.


High Dynamic Range Photography

Infrared Photography

Ultraviolet Photography

Optical Micro Photography

Crime Scene Lighting Reconstruction

Lighting Analysis

Video Analysis

Expert Witness in Photography and Lighting


Lectures on the subject of Forensic Photography


IAI (International Association for Identification)

CSDIAI (California State Division of International    Association for Identification)

CACJ (California Attorneys for Criminal Justice)

FEWA (Forensic Expert Witness Association)

EPIC (Evidence Photographers International Council)